Study Guide:  An Introduction to the Harmony of the Gospels



An introduction into the structure of the New Testament (see attached discussion sheet for more details):

I.  What is a Harmony and what is the value of one?

            A.  It is a chronological overlapping of the Gospels.

            B.  While each Gospel writer has their own reasons for including the material they

      choose to include, overlapping the gospels helps give us a fuller picture of the

      ministry of our Lord.

            C.  It must be noted that there are instances that one must make some decisions as

      to the timing of certain events.  Ancient writers were not as bound to

      chronological sequencing as are todays modern writers.


II.  Why are there four Gospels?

            A.  There were four gospels shown to have had come from an Apostolic witness

                        1.  Matthew and John were apostles themselves

                        2.  Mark wrote under the oversight of Peter

                        3.  Luke wrote under the oversight of Paul

            B.  The Gospels provide us with the story of the life, ministry, teaching, and death

      of our Lord.

                        1.  Jesus is the great covenant mediator

                        2.  Moses, as a covenant mediator, prefigures Christ/Christ is the greater


                        3.  The structure of the New Testament is modeled on the structure of the

     Old Testament—the Old prefigures the New.

                        4.  As there were four books that dealt with the birth, life, ministry,

     teachings, and death of Moses the covenant mediator, it should not be

     surprising to find four books dealing with Christ, the greater covenant


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