Birth of John and Jesus

I.  Zachariah’s Prophesy

            A.  Called “the Benedictus” which is the first word of it in Latin, meaning “good

      words” or “blessed words”—we get the word “benediction” from this term

B.  Note the emphasis that Zechariah places on the fulfillment of the promise of

      God to Abraham (for rest and peace to worship God) found in the coming of

      the Messiah—rest and peace from our great enemy—sin

II.  The Census

            – Just be aware that Luke is setting his gospel in historical events, which helps

     us to date the birth and work of Jesus


IV.  The Shepherds

            A.  shepherds were on the bottom of the pecking order in Jewish culture, Women

      mentioned in Matthew’s Genealogy and Shepherds in Luke’s birth

      announcement, Jesus is being presented as the Savior of all kinds of people—

      even the lowliest

            B.  Three titles given to Jesus by the Angels

                        1.  Savior

                        2.  Christ (Christ is the Greek translation of Messiah from the Old


                        3.  Lord (Greek word ku/rioß (Kyrios)—meaning “Lord”  This is the

     Greek translation of the personal name of God hwhy (Yahweh) from the

     Old Testament—Jews would not pronounce the name of God, so

     inserted the word yn”doa] (Adonai), which means “Lord most High” in

     Hebrew—hence Lord being attributed to Jesus is a clear mark of his


V.  Circumcision and Purification

            A.  Jesus fulfilled every letter of the Jewish commandments

            B.  From first to last shedding of blood, Jesus identified with his covenant people

            C.  Purification ritual for a mother took place 40 days after the birth and the

      sacrifice given was also for the ritual redemption of a firstborn child

      (Exodus 13)

            D.  The blessing of Simeon

                        1.  Called the “Nuc Diminitus”

                        2.  Note the Gentile focus of these words



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